Ohio Sues Drug Makers for the Opioid Epidemic

The state of Ohio sues drug makers stating that these manufacturers have aided in the Opioid Epidemic that is killing 91 people a day according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC)—a number that is said to be underestimated.

Ohio Sues Drug Makers: Over Capacity Grave Sites

Ohio coroner’s office has been running out of room because of overdose deaths and this state is one of the most largely impacted by the pandemic wreaking havoc on the United States and the world.

To make matters more dire for drug manufacturers, Mississippi has filed a pending law suit, West Virginia sued major drug distributors and reached settlements that will pay the state ten million dollars, and Chicago and counties in New York have all began litigation.

These drugs were once used primarily to treat acute pain, but now, doctors have used opioids to treat chronic pain despite the fact that scientifically, long term opioid use results in physical dependency and addiction, which inevitably effects the mind as well. Drug makers have pushed such a deadly change by spending “millions of dollars on promotional activities and materials that falsely deny or trivialize the risks of opioids while overstating the benefits of using them for chronic pain,” said Ohio’s attorney general Mike DeWine.

Not only this, but DeWine stated that companies have provided funding to prominent doctors, patient advocacy, and medical societies in order to win their support in this sick endeavor to make more money at the expense of their patients’ lives who might and will die to opioid addiction, starting from a pushed prescription every month. According to the suit, by 2012, opioid prescriptions in the state of Ohio equaled 68 pills a year for every state resident, including that of children.

Purdue Pharma, Johnson & Johnson, Endo Pharmaceuticals, Teva Pharmaceutical Industries, and others are defendants in Ohio’s case. Ohio seeks to recover money the state spent on the drugs themselves through programs like Medicaid.

But does this help the epidemic or does it just give Ohio a refund?

The Solution: International Recovery Center

So what does this mean for drug manufacturers everywhere? Will something change or will this opioid distribution continue just as much as it has these past few years that have resulted in over 25,000 deaths in 2015, above homicides, car crashes, and any other cause of death in the United States?

Just like that of West Virginia, a money settlement will likely be made, but what about taking action against the actual disease of addiction that is killing our families, friends, and children?

At International Recovery Center (IRC), we seek to provide solutions at the root of the deadly problem of addiction to drugs and/or alcohol. At our bilingual facility, we are fully staffed with drug and alcohol addiction specialists that are ready and willing to provide individualized treatment for a new chance at life. For help today, call us 24/7 at 888-946-7837 (STEP)!