IRC Client Malik: An Interview

IRC client Malik is nothing short of a miracle. Born in Los Angeles, California, his parents divorced as a young kid resulting in a single mom upbringing. His childhood was “bad because of me,” according to Malik. “I was a very defiant child, so addiction really started when I was born—the addiction behaviors.”

Right before he came to International Recovery Center (IRC) he was visiting his sister in Virginia, he went through a bad break up, and he was not living a life in recovery. Recovery is about living in spiritual principles (i.e. honesty, open-mindedness, willingness to do the next right thing) and IRC client Malik was just “skating by.” Having tried recovery once before he was not doing what was previously suggested.

“I wasn’t going to meetings, not doing anything, was very dry and then I decided to start smoking weed,” said Malik. “I thought it was a good idea.”

That one decision turned into an everyday activity that resulted in our future client losing a lot of sponsors in his skate boarding career. Eventually, he was doing a lot of traveling and when he was back with his sister in Virginia, he conducted a plan to start doing heroin the next day.

“Something told me to call somebody,” said the California skater. “I called somebody that day and it ended up leading me here [to IRC].”

IRC Client Malik and Avoiding the Heroin Epidemic

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), opioid deaths have spiked to an all-time high of 30,000 in 2015, which is a massive jump from 8,280 in 1999. Tragically, the numbers are only increasing—many deaths having not been accounted for. That’s a 5,000 death increase since 2014, shedding further light on the current opioid epidemic across the United States.

With synthetic drugs being laced in street heroin, Xanax, and who knows what else, it’s clear that fatal drugs such as fentanyl—50 to 100 times more potent than morphine—and carfentanil—a snow flake size dose being fatal to those around it—are the culprits. Unfortunately, there are many other deadly synthetic drugs on the rise, causing old and young alike to die to the disease of addiction.

If Malik chose to pick up heroin that day, he may not still be here.

Having been in treatment before, this IRC client states that International Recovery Center shows a more “loving side and a more helpful side” as compared to his experience in other drug rehabs.

“IRC is very small and intimate and you get to know more people and you get to grow close to the staff,” said Malik. “They allow you to really live life. At other places you stay for thirty, sixty, ninety days and you leave, you know. Here, you get to find out who you really are and why you were really using.”

Are You Struggling With Addiction?

Not everyone gets a second chance when they pick up that next drink or drug. Many people across the United States and the world wait to get drug treatment one second too late, contributing to the death count of thousands due to the disease of addiction. This does not have to be you.

At International Recovery Center (IRC), we are ready and waiting with our drug and alcohol specialists to guide you or your loved one out of the misery of addiction and into a happy life beyond your comprehension. For help today, call us 24/7 at 888-946-7837 (STEP).