IRC Client Amanda: An Interview

IRC client Amanda knows what it feels like to be in hell and want to die, but her constant positivity and happy-go-lucky demeanor today shows how much life has changed since attending treatment at International Recovery Center (IRC). However, it was not always this way.

“My parents divorced when I was two,” said Amanda about her life before active addiction. “My father lived in Florida and I grew up in Nebraska with my mom.” Seeing her dad once or a twice a year, this IRC client had a pretty normal early childhood.

Growing up with friends in school like any other normal kid, this tom boy reached the 5th grade and wanted to be “more girly.” During this time, she began morphing herself into the new people she began hanging out with. Just like any other middle schooler, Amanda was trying to discover herself via trial and error. From trying on the preppy style for size to going goth, at 12 she started using in that endeavor to self-discovery.

During her first high, opiates was the culprit. “Ever since then, I did them every day—ritually.”

At fourteen, this future IRC client overdosed. Even so, for a long time Amanda was functioning. She was going to school and still living a life, but in her later years of drug use, she hit her worst bottom in January 2015 when the disease of addiction led her to leave her children so that she could drink and use.

“It was two degrees outside and I was emotionally bankrupt,” recalls Amanda. “I didn’t exist.” After contemplating suicide a lot, she didn’t know where she was anymore, how she got there, and why life was “so bad for me.”

IRC Client Amanda and Escaping Active Addiction

One night she had a moment of clarity and finally got help. After being in treatment in a 60-day program, Amanda stayed clean off of drugs and alcohol for a while, but her recovery foundation still was not strong enough for her to grasp the concept of consistently staying clean and being in recovery. It wasn’t until she came to International Recovery Center that things started to change.

“I didn’t want to be here at first,” but Amanda described her experience at IRC as “phenomenal.” It was not until she began to work on herself and open up that things had finally changed for her.

Now, Amanda has new dreams of pursuing a career as a yoga instructor. Yoga has changed her life. Recovery, her current aspirations, and her new spiritual/holistic lifestyle—that she gained in IRC’s holistic program—have given her hope of being reunited with her kids.

Due to IRC’s relaxed environment, Amanda describes International Recovery Center as a place where she does not feel like a client as she did at other drug treatment facilities.

“I feel like a part of the family. They go above and beyond to talk to you. Like, really one-on-one situations that you don’t get in huge facilities. Here you do.”

Are You Trapped in Addiction?

At International Recovery Center, we provide a variety of unique programs that are here for you and/or your loved one so that you may begin to strengthen your recovery away from active addiction. Drug and alcohol addiction is deadly. Whether it be an overdose, an inebriated car accident, or suicide due to the misery that comes with being a slave to addiction, we can tell you that you don’t have to live that way anymore.

We offer individualized treatment and plenty of recovery options. From music and art therapy, to trauma treatment, our program is endless. For help today, please call our experienced IRC drug and alcohol specialists 24/7 at 888-946-7837 (STEP)!